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Spiritual Yoga

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“For those who have practised and are willing to get a deeper knowledge...
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Yoga Teacher Training College

The ancient discipline called Hatha Yoga was created by the Rishis (Sages) of India to give men the capacities of stillness and serenity which are so necessary for the inner elevation of spirit. Mind and senses are constantly moving, they are dynamic and their energies are incapable of balancing without proper direction. This balance is essential in gaining health in all aspects of the Self. If we practise Yoga consciously, the results we obtain are highly beneficial.

Theoretical and Practical Courses and Yoga Classes

Six-month Courses on Comparative Philosophies from East and West including Yoga classes. Once you have finished this course, you can follow our Programme of study based on six-month semesters. This programme can be found under the Philosophy section. Yoga classes are an ideal complement to the spiritual way since they give us harmony, clarity, and mental stability. These classes are on a twice weekly frequency and they last approximately an hour and a half. The practice of Yoga is based on exercises that seek balance between strength and flexibility. The class finishes with a deeply conscious relax that helps to restore energy. This gives rest to the nervous system by reducing the effects of Stress.

Syllabus (Programme of Study)

  • First Year:
    Spiritual Philosophy I
    Practical Yoga I
    Pedagogy of Hatha Yoga I
    Anatomy and Physiology I
    Lives of Great Yogis
  • Second Year:
    Principles and Basis of Yoga
    Pedagogy II
    Anatomy and Physiology II
    Non-dualistic Philosophy
  • Third Year:
    Yoga Therapy
    Yoga for children, pregnant women and seniors.
    Patanjali Yoga Sutras
    Spiritual Yoga
    Perfectionism in Hatha Yoga

Information and enrolment is available in our Branches.


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