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Selected Texts

We present in this section a selection of texts that try to express, in different ways, the Ideal that motivates us and the different ways in which it can be put into practice. Each word is an invitation to try to fulfil what is expressed. Without this, no Philosophy or Religion fulfil their task, no matter how elevated their notions might be. Only the realization gained by each individual will do them justice...



Some titles

(only spanish)

Evangelio del Maestro

Ada D. Albrecht:
El evangelio del Maestro. El mejor didacta: el amor. [ Fragmento ]




Ada D. Albrecht:
Katebet, Historia de una Sacerdotisa Egipcia
[ Fragmento ]



Dhammapada, El Sendero de la Realización Interior
[ Fragmento ]


On-line catalogue:

You can consult the more than 80 titles on Mystic and Universal Philosophy in the On-line Catalogue (only spanish) of our Publishing House.

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