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School of Sacred Drama

Electra y Orestes That which is sacred lives within every being and pervades the whole universe. Investigating our connection to this eternal invisibility is the basis of the actor’s discipline in Sacred Drama. This requires a patient, constant and meticulous work directed towards the unknown. This involves a de-conditioning and un-learning work of what we think we and the world are.

Our mind works constantly organizing what we know, that is, the universe of names and forms, and their unending classifications. It is a well-known fact that our mind cannot work with what is unknown to it. But there is another dimension to our self, which lies beyond the mind that can do it and is able to create from this experience, of both emptiness and fullness at the same time.
This is why the so-called spiritual discipline looks for the transcendence of the mind and its processes, to get to the source of life, which is divine and also eternal.

What is the instrument through which this is done? The instrument of the actor is their psycho-physical organism, which includes mental, emotional and physical processes. These three levels need to be trained to become vehicles of expression. This works both on the inner and transcendent and on the instrument at the same time.

They both need to be in harmony since an inner growth, without developing the expressing possibilities at the same time, does not produce an artistic work. In this way, heaven and earth (the shapeless and the shaped) become unified in a sacred offering of the hearts of all who are participating in this work.


Programme of study

  • First level:
    Practical subjects:
    Theoretical subjects:
    Eastern and Western Ethics
    Introduction to Philosophy
  • Second level:
    Practical subjects:
    Acting II
    Movement II
    Voice II
    Theoretical subjects:
    Non-dualistic Philosophy I
    Psychology I
  • Third level:
    Practical subjects:
    Acting III
    Movement III
    Voice III
    Theoretical subjects:
    Non-dualistic Philosophy II
    Psychology II

Information and enrolment is available in Belgrano and Barrio Norte Branches


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