... In the same way, it is good to know that what we see today as a fully grown Foundation - with its programmes of study deeply researched in the many Branches, with its Educational Centre in the outskirts of the city and with its wide variety of activities, which range from Social Action and constant cultural activities to its significant Publishing House - once it was a seed in the heart of a being that gave birth and life to this Ideal, as a Mother that gives birth and nurtures her child, then lovingly looking after its growth.

It was in approximately the middle of the year 1950 when a young girl of eighteen who was full of Ideals, who had been studying Eastern and Western Philosophy for a long time, and who had an innate disposition for the love of God and service to her fellow beings, started to shape her first spiritual organization. This did not limit itself to the mere theorizing of great philosophical doctrines but opened the door to the mystical core of philosophies and religions and to unselfish action, leading the first disciples with firm steps through the difficult path of inner realization. From then on, all of her life was devoted to this essential pedagogy. Her organization faced successfully different challenges and - just as the pine tree in our example - it had a steady and firm growth which was determined by the inner maturation of the Ideal that gave birth to it: the Love of God and service to our fellow beings. And so it was that the Institution founded by Ada Albrecht, that abnegated soul we have been talking about, took the form it has nowadays on April 18th, 1981, in the city of Rome, Italy, where Professor Ada Albrecht was on a trip, together with a group of her oldest disciples. In that historical date of our Foundation, A.D.A. outlined the programmes of study and defined the principles which constitute Hastinapura.

It is also good to know that its Founder has showed her love of God since she was only a little girl by writing poems and songs devoted to Him. Since she was young she has had the conviction that God is One, beyond the names that human beings give Him. She was also convinced that all human beings could take a place close to God if they open their hearts to Him. Based on this pillar of devotion and Spiritual Universalism all the pedagogy of Hastinapura unfolds: an education of the heart free of dogmatisms and of derivations of a phenomenal nature.

Up to this date, she has written many books on philosophy, psychology and education, as also poems, stories, songs, plays, and many translations of texts on metaphysics and devotion. Her untiring work and her constant creativity derived from her love of the Divine gives a renewed and permanent spiritual vitality to the Foundation, which becomes evident in the realizations and projects that have been put into practice year after year, and always offered to the Feet of God and for the benefit of all His creatures.