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School of Meditation

If the art of thinking is one of the great and glorious human attributes, then the divine art of meditation is Its Crown. By means of thought, man looks constantly for ways, ideas, reasons. Using thought he builds “his” world, makes science, discovers new horizons, etc. The crowning point of such mental movement lies in the stillness of meditation, which is not an empty stillness. It is the centralization of all the infinite forces of thought transformed in a re-union with the Self. He who meditates gets re-United with himself; he understands the greatest of all mysteries - his re-Unification with the Self-God - and therefore conquers the so longed-for peace and eternal love.

Escuela de MeditacionThe path of meditation is not an easy one. Nowadays, the Western world has discovered it, and much is spoken about it. But the truth is that to really understand the art of meditation, one has to be fully awoken to the conquest of his own self, which requires a great detachment from everything that is ephemeral and worldly. By means of broad pedagogy, it must be taught to disciples the art of losing in order to “win“. No eagle can fly to the top of the mountains with a stone tied to its wings. It must abandon the stone if it wishes to conquer the divine science of flying. This is what is patiently taught in our lessons of meditation. The essence of all meditation is to get to God, our Lord, and therefore we shouldn’t take the way lightly or superficially, and without being endowed with extraordinary patience and unlimited love for our Heavenly Father.

Meditation and love are twin brothers. It is not possible to meditate without love; love is as essential to meditation as hydrogen and oxygen to the structure of water. Meditation has nothing to do with the achievement of any momentary peace of mind. We can obtain that same peace gazing at a landscape that relaxes us, but that has nothing to do with the art of meditation.

Our courses are devoted to the growth of divine love in the hearts of our disciples so that in their sacred land the glorious art of meditation may flourish.



Meditation Teacher Training College

The Foundation Hastinapura presents the Meditation Teacher Training College, intended to all those people who want form to lead practices, teaching and sharing with the rest of the beings this Sacred Art.

 · Title: Professor of Meditation.
 · Duration: 3 years.
 · School Cycle: March to December.
 · Classes: 7 hours a week, theoretical and practical.
 · Retreats of intensive practice.
 · Turns: morning and evening.

(Programme of Study)

1st Year

Meditation I (theory)
Meditation I (Practice)
Introduction to the Philosophy
Ethics Compared
Practice Hatha Yoga

2th Year

Meditation II (theory)
Meditation II (Practice)
Practice Hatha Yoga

3th Year

Meditation III (theory)
Meditation III (Practice)
Spiritual Wisdom
Bhakti Sutras
Practice of Hatha Yoga

Consultations at our Branches

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