Hastinapura Foundation


Welcome to Hastinapura

Hastinapura Foundation is an educational institution whose main objective is to spread Faith and the Love of God, affirming the basic unity of all Religions and the presence of God within the hearts of all beings.

Hastinapura achieves this by means of its School of Philosophy and Eastern and Western Metaphysics, its Yoga Teacher Training College, Yoga classes and its School of Meditation. It also offers classes of Sacred Drama, singing and devotional music.

In order to promote the message and teachings of the great Spiritual Masters of Mankind, the Foundation offers courses, conferences, classes, workshops and has its own Publishing House.

The Principles of the Foundation

  • To realise, promote and teach the existence of God and the divine spiritual essence of human beings, using Spiritual Universalism as the means.
  • To become aware of the naturally existing fraternity among the members of the human family, and to educe an attitude of respect towards the different religious beliefs, races, customs, etc., as well as towards all living beings.
  • To cultivate the study of religions, sciences, arts and philosophies that lead to the spiritual elevation of human beings.

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