Hastinapura Fundation: Citi of wisdom, Filosophy, professorship, meditation, yoga



Hastinapura Foundation is an educational institution whose main objective is to spread Faith and the Love of God, affirming the basic unity of all Religions and the presence of God in the hearts of all beings. Hastinapura means City of Wisdom, and as it dwells within us, we must learn how to conquer it. This can be achieved through right knowledge, right action and through devotion. For this purpose, Hastinapura has established a School of Philosophy and Eastern and Western Metaphysics, a School of Yoga, and a School of Meditation. Classes of Sacred Drama, singing and devotional music are also offered. The motto that summarises our Ideal is:

Faith in God and Service to Mankind

Hastinapura teaches that God is one, in all his names: God, Allah, Adonai, Tao, Brahman..., and that there are many paths that lead to Him; we call this “Spiritual Universalism”. In all cultures, human beings have sought the answers to questions of themselves, of life, etc. When we ask ourselves: Who am I? What is the sense of life? Why and for what am I living?... and when these fundamental questions arise out of the depth of our thirst for the knowledge of ourselves and our essence, only then can the answers we look for spring from the type of inquiry that is metaphysical. To spread the message and the teachings of the great Spiritual Masters of Mankind, the Foundation has also a Publishing House


Origin of Hastinapura

una pequeña semilla...

When we look at a majestic pine tree, it is good to remember that it was first a little seed that germinated in good earth, to begin only then a slow and constant growth full of challenges.

That little tree that could not at first be seen amid the herbs that surrounded it, had to make its way upward with the help of its own inner force and of Mother Earth, Father Sun and sister rain, to become the mature tree we see today, full of beauty and splendour... [Enlarge here]


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