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editorial For those readers who are willing to find a path to the elevation of the soul, our Publishing House offers texts with lofty mystical-philosophical contents that will guide them through that path, which is the highest act human being can achieve

For those readers who are willing to improve their lives through the path of Meditation and Self-Knowledge, our Publishing House offers methodical, clear and simple texts that will guide and give them support in the ineffable art of self-perfectionism.

Those readers who are willing to get a deeper knowledge of humanistic and spiritual pedagogy will find true guides in our titles that will lead them through the path of Divine Teaching.

Also, those who have a taste for the study of Hindu and Eastern Philosophy in their theoretical and practical aspects will find in our titles a reliable source of consult endorsed by world renowned educators and philosophers.

Finally, for those souls who wish to follow the Divine Path of the Love of God, Hastinapura Publishing House offers a wide selection of texts with lofty devotional content, written by poets, sages, mystics, saints and philosophers of all times and cultures to guide the true Seekers of Truth to their final Goal.


On-line Catalogue:

You can consult our On-line Catalogue of more than 50 titles on Mysticism and Universal Philosophy. [only spanish]

New Books:

The Path of Inner Realization, translated by Claudio Dossetti. [only spanish]



katebetBhagavad Gita
Pocket Edition, translated by Annie Besant. [only spanish]



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