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This newspaper: is not for your mind, because your mind, dear brother, changes continually. It desires one thing today and something different tomorrow. Its nature is, precisely, permanent change. If you think this is not so, it’s simply because you haven’t stopped to look at it... How many thoughts it loads in its vessel in just a few seconds! How many it will throw on the coast of indifference and oblivion!

this newspaper: is not for your emotions: they are also kaleidoscopic and transitory.

this newspaper: is not for your body: it is in permanent change.

this newspaper: is for your Eternal Self, that which you should discover; that which calls you, which longs for your awakening, your transformation, your coming back to the land of eternity that is yourself.

this newspaper: wants you to love God, our Lord, through the sacred path of the universalism of that great truth that remains when all the other apparent truths dissolve in the seas of time.

this newspaper: will cure your nerves, your anguishes, your stress, as long as you are able to take it as a medicine and a path to your heart. The greater the love of God that rises in your soul, the greater will your happiness and bliss be.

este diario: is your Path and Staff.

este diario: wants to take you back to your home, which is yourself totally merged in God.


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Edición Noviembre-diciembre 2013

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Que nuestro Padre nos de la conciencia necesaria para poder servirte.


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