Hastinapura Fundation: Citi of wisdom, Filosophy, professorship, meditation, yoga


Activities of the Foundation

 Hastinapura Publishing Publishing House
In the twenty-five years of its life, our Publishing House has launched many texts of the greatest philosophers and Spiritual Teachers of Mankind. For those readers who are willing to find a path to the elevation of the soul, our Publishing House offers texts with lofty mystical-philosophical contents that will guide them through that path, which is the highest deed man can achieve. [...]
Acción Solidaria Social Work
Man is not contained by skin; his body is, verily, the body of Mankind, and therefore the Spirit must be always ready to help those in need. Taking care of our needy brothers is a door to happiness of the heart. That might be the reason why Jesus, the Christ, gave everyone the glorious teaching “Quench the thirst and feed the hungry”. [...]



Newspaper for the Soul

Newspaper for the Soul
We have been publishing since 1999 a by-monthly newspaper that is distributed free of charge. This newspaper is not devoted to your heart, or your emotions, or your body but to your Eternal Self; which you should discover and which calls you and longs for your awakening, your transformation, and your return to the land of eternity, which is yourself.


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